Green and winegrowing Provence

Committed to protect a unique terroir

The hinterland of Green Provence tucked away from tourist routes and the hustle and bustle of the coastline is an exceptional land. Preserving it has been a daily commitment of ours for four generations. Every decision is taken with the utmost care for this unique heritage, from the vines to the winery, from the buildings to the woods, the beehives and olive groves. Here, the hand of each individual protects, nurtures and enhances the natural beauty of the land. This intergenerational dedication stands at the core of Blacailloux, where all those involved are native to the region and proud to perpetuate its traditions and values.

This unspoilt Provence invites you to marvel and contemplate.

Provence by nature and heritage

My ‘Prouvenço Bello’

Since 1917, the Chamoin family has perpetuated the heritage and promise of a safeguarded territory. Each generation is driven by the same determination as Bruno Chamoin’s grandmother when she planted her first vines, and by the desire to preserve a region that is home to their memories and an ancestral wine-growing tradition.
This respect for history, for nature and for each other recounts the story of a domain and vineyard where the wealth of a heritage is preserved. Through elegant wines and a discreet, generous sense of hospitality, Blacailloux shares this with each and every one of you.

Managing the vineyard by following organic farming methods is part of our commitment to preserving nature in order to receive only the very best from it.

Blacailloux celebrates the heritage of a beautiful, intimate and pristine Provence, from Tourves to Rougiers all the way to the summit of the Sainte-Baume.


The values that inspire Blacailloux

Respect, rigour and excellence

Blacailloux is strongly dedicated to sharing this authentic, wild and unspoiled Green Provence with all those who seek to discover it in a unique and privileged way.

We are driven by a deep respect for both nature, our working and living environment, and people. We are committed to preserving it in all our actions. Every tree, every stone, every flower, every bee is important and contributes to the balance of our environment.

This preservation is only possible thanks to a team of passionate enthusiasts, united by their respect for the land and the quality of their work, who contribute to defining Blacailloux as a way of life. Sharing the same rural values – family, mutual aid, goodwill, respect for the land – makes every member of the domain a committed ambassador.

Blacailloux’s rigorous approach and collective excellence ensure that the beauty of pastoral Green Provence is preserved, brought to life, and shared.



A project to serve an ambition

Safeguarding Green Provence is not only a family commitment, it is also a desire to share, reflecting our determination to combine our expertise with the wealth and beauty of our region. Our grapes and olives are grown organically to produce high-quality wines and oil in an environmentally responsible way. Our honey is the product of beekeeping practices in line with nature and animal welfare. Our accommodation and reception spaces have been carefully designed to showcase local craft and provide you with modernity, comfort and well-being. Our ability to surround ourselves with the cream of the crop, brought together by a love for our heritage and passion for our craft, reflects our desire to perpetuate the soul of a land firmly rooted in our family DNA.