Blacailloux, a family story

The passion of a terroir

Blacailloux is a family project, reflecting the passion and tradition of four generations. Since 1917, we strive to preserve our local terroir and heritage and promote the unique character of Green Provence. Exalting and respecting our natural environment is one of our key goals to offer you the finest possible experience. Our vineyards are committed to sustainable development and to acting as exemplary custodians of our core values. The essence of fruit and terroir shines through in our airy, elegant wines, in our olive oil and our honey, signature products of the true pastoral Provence. This love of the land and the desire to share lie at the heart of our bastides and reception rooms, designed to host your events with the utmost attention to detail.
Blacailloux is the sensory experience of an intimate Provence, preserved by love.


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New 2022 Joio white vintage magnum
2022 Joio Vintage
New for 2023: a magnum of white Joio! La Bastide de Blacailloux, to please you and share convivial moments with others, offers you its new magnum bottle (150cl) of the Joio 2022 white wine...